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As the hustle and the bustle of the holiday season is behind us for another year, we settle in to enjoy the respite of winter. Welcome winter! Stay with us for a while. We sometimes forget how beautiful you are. With travel a bit challenging at times, and temperatures less than desirable, we often want you to hurry away. We ignore and discount how beautiful you really are as a season. Without you, we would miss crisp air, beautiful snow, and glistening sunshine. Taking just a moment to really notice these beautiful aspects of you, dear winter, lifts our spirits. Thank you. You give us time to step back, contemplate, and reflect. During winter, we have time to ponder what we’ll plant in our garden this coming spring. We dream about the color that will soon spring from the earth. Yes, winter, you are beautiful. As we ponder, we look ahead to events that indicate spring is just around the corner. We enjoy a few hours gazing at the specialty plant collection of the Rockefeller Park Greenhouse. We plan an afternoon adventure to the Cleveland Botanical Garden to take in the beauty of Orchid Mania (Jan. 27- Mar.11). We look forward to the sights and the fragrances of The Great Big Home & Garden Show (Feb. 2-11). We don’t do these things, winter, to forget you. We do them, first, winter, because you afford us the time, and second, we do them to look ahead to what comes next, when you leave us.

We know, winter, that it’s during your season that Mother Nature’s hand is working, nurturing, and preparing the earth for spring. Sure, we look forward to spring, the freshness of the air, and the beauty of the earth as buds burst forth and flowers bloom. May we as gardeners appreciate not only your beauty, winter, but also the beauty of the earth. May we be good stewards, treasuring it and preserving it, but may we also not forget you, dear beautiful winter. 


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Avon Garden Club is to promote knowledge of and enthusiasm for gardening.  Also to acknowledge our responsibility for stewardship of the earth and all it's natural resources.  Further, we will contribute to the beautification of our community.  We will encourage an atmosphere of friendliness and kinship with all gardeners. 

Officers 2017

Officers & Committee Chairs 

President - Cynthia Murnyack-Czarnecki

1st Vice President - (Programs) Terry Babuder

2nd Vice President - (Ways & Means) Nancy Klingshirn

Secretary - Tess Wearsch

Treasurer - Deb Morris

Standing Committee Chairs 

Calling Committee - Jan Kapur

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Horticulture - Tess Wearsch

Hostess Coordinator - Jan Kapur

Membership - Sharon Kratt

Newsletter - Judi Norton


Sunshine - Gretchen Shimola

Landmarks Commission - Lois Shinko

Miller Nature Preserve Garden - Deb Morris

Park & Recreation Commission - Mary Brady

French Creek Foundation- Fran Burik

Tulip Times, The Newsletter of the Avon Garden Club is a quarterly publication. 

Judi Norton, Editor 

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